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How To Stay Safe And Warm When Camping


Image via Flickr creative commons from sebrenner

If you’ve ever experienced a cold night in a tent then you will probably know all too well how uncomfortable it can get! Many people have been put off by spending a cold, hard night under canvas and then to top it all off find that it’s raining and they need the loo! But while this is one reality, it is by no means the whole story. With the correct gear you can stay safe and warm during the night and then get to experience life outdoors at its best. rucksacks, tents, sleeping bags and general camping equipment will suit a variety of camping scenarios – the important thing is finding the right kit to suit your individual needs. Take some of the following tips into account before heading out on your next camping trip.

Springy heather might not stay springy

One of the first things to consider when you’re looking at camping gear is what you’re going to have underneath you in the tent. If the answer is bare canvas then be prepared for a potentially uncomfortable night’s sleep. Using natural materials to prop you up off the floor is one solution but your bodyweight will squash any foliage pretty quickly. Consider instead inflatable camping mats. Lightweight models from manufacturers such as Therm-a-Rest will pack down small but will provide you with cushioning that can help make sure you wake up in the morning feeling refreshed.

Down or synthetic

When it comes to sleeping bags one of the most important questions you will have to answer is whether you would be better off with a down sleeping bag or one made from synthetic fibres. The benefits of having a down bag is that it will be pretty much half the weight or twice as warm as its synthetic equivalent. But, it will cost more, which is an obstacle for some people. What’s more, the experience of spending a night in a wet down sleeping bad is not a pleasant one. If you do choose size and weight benefits over value then just make sure you don’t get the thing near any moisture – it’ll take a fair while to dry completely! Check out the sleeping bags from to get an idea of the range of bags on the market.

Bring a liner

Make sure you don’t leave your sleeping bag liner at home. Not only will it help to keep you warm during the night, it makes it much easier to keep your bag clean. Remember that washing a liner is far less hassle than washing a sleeping bag.

Selecting the right canvas

Remember that it is your tent that is keeping you safe from the elements and so it is important to have one that will stand up to the conditions. A leaky tent is going to leave you rather moist by the morning, not to mention cold. Plus, if you have a down sleeping bag then you’ll really be in trouble! Before investing in a tent make sure you look at the materials used to construct the fly sheet and ground sheet – this will be critical when it comes to staying warm and dry. If you already have a tent but it has seen a fair bit of action, you might need to consider waterproofing the floor just as a precaution.

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