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5 Last Minute Holiday Tips


Image from Flickr creative commons from robkingcameraman

If you’ve yet to book your holiday this year then there is no need to panic as there’s still plenty of time to squeeze in a last minute break. Whether you’ve been struggling to get the time off work or you’ve been waiting until the kids are back at school and everywhere is quiet, there is always a way to ensure that you get some deserved time off from your hectic fast-paced lifestyle. To help you get the best deal when booking your holiday, here are five last minute holiday booking tips.

Check what’s included in the price

Many people are fooled into booking something quickly just because they see that the price has been slashed. You should actually do your best to ignore the original price of the holiday and instead focus on what this total price includes. If you’re booking a stay in a hotel, does the cost cover all of your meals, just breakfast or will you have to find your own food? Are there any on-site facilities such as a gym, swimming pool, hairdressers, and spa? Is there evening entertainment? Will you have to pay to use the facilities or to see an evening performance? Once you’ve considered how much you’re actually getting for your money, you may find it works out much cheaper to book somewhere that is full price and includes all food and entertainment.

Stay in the UK

You may think that it isn’t a holiday if you don’t go abroad but you’d be mad to miss out on the fantastic holiday opportunities on offer in the UK. Whether you choose to take a coastal seaside trip or prefer to stay in the calm and peaceful countryside, away from the humdrum of city life, there are plenty of great locations in the UK just waiting to be discovered. Of course the added advantage of staying in your home country means that you don’t have to book a flight anywhere and so can set off at short notice and get there on the same day. If you wish to stay in the UK this year then take a look at the many late breaks at Warner Leisure Hotels.

Be flexible

The key to booking a holiday last minute is to be as flexible as possible. So if you can only get a couple of days off work at very short notice then you may find it hard to book somewhere, unless you don’t mind which destination you go to. This way at least, you may end up holidaying to somewhere you wouldn’t normally consider and find that it’s the best holiday you’ve ever had.

Compare different trip lengths

Upon initial search you find that nothing is available for the dates you entered. At this point you give up and resign yourself to the fact that your holiday isn’t happening. Wrong – instead, simply try shifting the dates forward or backward a couple of days or extending or shortening the overall length of your trip. You may find that comparing different trip lengths proves fruitful after all.

Turn up on the night

It may sound a bit risky but one way of securing a last minute trip is to simply jump in your car and drive to a hotel without pre-booking. You may find that there has been a last minute cancellation or that they have space to fit you in, and if so, they will be glad of your custom. Try it on your next trip and see how it works out for you.

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