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Five unexpected HR nightmares


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It might not be terribly glamorous, but without a functioning human resources department, no employer could function efficiently. Years ago, many of the functions performed by modern-day HR professionals would have been spread across a number of different employees – but now, they tend to fall under the one umbrella of HR. This means, then, that working in HR can be varied and challenging. For instance, you may be expected to keep track of employee benefits – about which you can find out more by visiting sites like However, you’re likely to come across a number of major headaches during the course of your work, so it’s important that you’re as prepared for them as possible. Here are five problems HR professionals can encounter.

1)      According to the Washington Post, many businesses have procedures in place for firing employees, but a lot of them fail to make use of their own processes. It should go without saying, therefore, that this can cause a lot of problems for HR personnel. Some employers may fire workers in a fit of pique or because of personal distaste, for instance. These employers should be aware that employment lawyers can and will go through their procedures to see whether or not they’re adequate and whether they were followed. It’s up to HR professionals, therefore, to ensure that the correct procedures are followed.

2)      Harassment remains a major problem in the workplace, and there’s a considerable chance that HR workers will have to deal with at least one harassment case during the course of their work. Obviously, there are varying levels of severity of harassment. It may be that an internal investigation will resolve the issue to the satisfaction of all concerned. However, when a serious accusation is made, the full expertise of the HR professional will be required.

3)      Training is another crucial area where the skill of the HR worker is most appreciated. According to the Chartered Management Institute, there are all sorts of small problems which can arise in the course of organising training. For instance, as an HR professional you’ll need to be aware that an uncomfortable chair can lead to back problems, or excessively bright computer monitors can damage sight. As an HR worker, you need to ensure that you’re aware of all these issues so you can avoid any potential problems further down the line.

4)      It’s also important that if you’re planning on embarking upon a career in HR, you have the skills to mediate between individuals who are at loggerheads with one another. Being stuck at close quarters with people we don’t particularly like can start to make us increasingly petty – and this is where conflicts can develop. Effective conflict resolution skills can save your employer time and money, which is why they’re so valuable.

5)      Outsourcing has also taken on increasing importance for HR workers over the last couple of decades – so you have to be aware that your employer may decide to make relatively sudden outsourcing decisions. As an HR professional, you will be tasked with a great deal of responsibility in terms of making these plans a reality.

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