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History’s Strangest Hair Cuts


Image via Flickr creative commons from T J Sengel

Clothes come and go, but people will always have hair. Unless you want to shave it off and have a chilly scalp, you are stuck with it – some for longer than others.

Haircuts are largely determined by fashion and culture – the mid-90s boom of the Jennifer Aniston bob, or ‘the Rachel’ is testament to that. There are some, though, that skirt trend and styles completely. To those, we take our hat off – usually just after they have done the same.

Abel Xavier, footballer

Soccer is awash with strange styles and young men with more money than sense. Special recognition has to go to former Portugal international Abel Xavier, though. Always a bleach blond hair and beard combo, he mixed his styles with panache. The most notable came towards the end of his career, a bizarre cartoon teddy boy quiff.

Tomato cut, Japan

Never a country to shy away from an odd trend, Japan is home to the tomato haircut – where hairdressers will literally make your head look like a tomato. Designed by a gentleman called Hiro at hipster hair hangout, Trick Store, it consists of a tight red bob with a green star shape on top. Although undoubtedly barmy, it doesn’t look as strange as you might first think.

Huge wigs, Britain

Not necessarily hair, these strange inventions are still worn by judges and barristers today. The tradition is linked back to King Louis XIII of France who suffered from embarrassing baldness. He combated this with an outlandish wig and, as the king does, the people will follow. As the trend grew across Europe, so did the size of the wig
A hair powder tax in England put a swift end to the fashion. The French Revolution had a similar effect across the Channel.

Jason Lee, footballer

Another footballer for the list, former Nottingham Forest striker Jason Lee is the subject of the infamous chant: ‘He’s got a pineapple, on his head.’

Lee used to grace the field with his dreadlocks tied in a bunch atop his head – not unlike a pineapple.

Kesha, musician

Anyone familiar with the Channel Four comedy Nathan Barley may be familiar with the ‘geek pie’. One of the show’s characters, Dan Ashcroft, falls asleep in some paint the day before a loan interview at the bank. His attempt to rectify the mass it made of his hair is cut short when he accidentally kills the barber’s beloved cat. Ashcroft then fools the show’s title character into thinking it is a hot new trend.

It is also advice American pop star Kesha seemed to take too seriously.

Lady Gaga, musician

A little more of a high-end concept than Kesha, Lady Gaga has a history of weird and wonderful. She is well-known for her outlandish fashion, and that does not end at her hairdo.

You know when you wake up in the morning and just have no idea what to do with your hair? Take a page out of Lady Gag’s book and just curl up some old Coca Cola cans in it.

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