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Six of the Strangest Gardening Tools and What They Are Used For


Image from Flickr creative commons from Oskay

You may think that to ten a garden you need little more than a spade, a mower, a rake and a pair of secateurs. While that can often be the case, there is a whole world of tools beyond the obvious to help out with the jobs you had no idea existed.

Some gardening tools will seem like a solution you couldn’t have thought of in your wildest dreams; others will seem more like the stuff of fantasy. Here are ten of the weirdest from around the world.

The USB shovel

You can put a USB drive in almost anything – so why not the trusty shovel? Made by a gentleman from Russia, this unwieldy device is for those who want to check their Excel documents straight after they have dug up their petunias without wasting a second. Just make sure you give it a clean before dragging it into your study.

Solar powered bird sweeper

Keeping pesky birds away from your vegetables is easy with the Bird B Gone solar powered bird repeller. Using motion to prevent large animals from landing, a solar panel powers a five foot telescoping arm mounted above the unit that spins continuously.

Quick core sampler

If you’re bored of spending ages taking a sample of your tree’s core, look no further than the quick core sampler. The Swedish-made increment hammer from Haglof works by striking the tree perpendicular to the trunk and pulling the hammer out. You then eject the core with the steel plunger.

Sod buster/hammer

When driving stakes into your lawn, there is the tricky problem of roots to deal with. At least with this device you won’t need to keep switching tools. Half a hammer and half a sharp-edged implement, it combines the functionality of two tools in one.

The ripper

A smaller relative of the ripper often seen being dragged on the back of a tractor, this vicious looking spiked instrument looks like a hoe gone feral. The ripper is declared by some as an amazing tool. The steel tines slide under the roots of weeds or grass just below the surface to remove stubborn weeds and grass by the roots.

The garden 10 in 1 army knife

Japan, the home of strange and wonderful inventions, often makes an appearance in lists of this kind. With the ten in one gardening tool the country has really excelled itself. By appearance it looks huge and unwieldy; you would expect that not to change in practice. As a multi-functional unit, this tool can make for cost and storage efficiency. This is most probably at the expense of the quality of having specialised individual tool.

According to Chindogu: “The multi-faceted Swiss army penknife is one of the great ingenious tools of modern times. By way of a tribute, the concept has been moved forward and up in scale. The result is the ten in one gardening tool, incorporating two sizes of shovel, a hoe, a blade, a saw, a set of pruning shears and several other gardening implements, all in one compact unit.”

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